New Parent Support

New Parent Support

New Parent Support

We provide a variety of resources, information, and support for NEW PARENTS . The picture details the baskets that we give away to CONGRATULATE NEW PARENTS and are filled full of goodies and great resources. Please contact us if you or someone you know is expecting or just gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome. We would love to share our CONGRATULATIONS for their newest reason to SMILE with our gift basket and other resources to help assist in this new journey.

Forget Me Not

flowers01.jpgEvery seed starts out the same. It is small and round with unknown potential. Each precious seed will need the same amount of care in order to grow; a pot (family/shelter), soil (nourishment), water (encouragement), sun (love), an occassional weed to be pulled (guidance), and time. Every seed develops at its’ own rate, but given time and guidance, it will blossom into a beautiful flower. Even though there are a variety of flowers in every garden, unique in their own special way, they all started out as a seed and blossomed into a beautiful flower. Everyday spent in your garden is a reward. So celebrate and remember to, “Bloom where you’re planted!” -HH

What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is the most commonly occuring genetic condition. One in every 733 births is a baby with Down syndrome. There are over 350,000 people with Down syndrome in the United States alone, accounting for 5,000 to 6,000 births a year.

more of a description to come………

Valuable Resources

Here are a few resources that are very relevant for new parents…

Featured Family

Updated frequently.  Please check back for more details.  If you or someone you know would make a good candidate for our “Featured Family” Please send us and email to with Name, phone number, email address, and age of child with Down syndrome.  Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!