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Bowling fun at Rocklin AMF Lanes, 2006.

Down syndrome touches the lives of many of us today. It affects people of all races, ages, and social-economic status’. Down syndrome occurs in approximately 1 in every 733 births. Over 350,000 people in the United States alone have Down syndrome.

seeds.jpgFamilies are impacted in every county and that is why the National Down Syndrome Coalition is launching a local effort to reach out to those families affected by Down syndrome in Placer and the surrounding counties. The National Down Syndrome Coalition is a not-for-profit corporation designed to educate the public and provide charitable resources to families affected by Down syndrome.

  • Learning Program™ (Monthly for Enrolled Families)
  • “Let’s Get Together” (quarterly)

  • “Parent Group Date Night Out” (quarterly)
  • Newsletters and Events Calendar (quarterly)

  • Distribution of educational materials to parents, grandparents, families, Educator’s, Social Workers, Doctor’s (Pediatrician’s, OB/GYN, Specialist’s), and Labor and Delivery Nurses.

  • New Parent support

  • Interactive Web site

  • Fundraising/Publicity events to raise community awareness about Down syndrome

  • Anytime telephone support

Our 2006 Buddy Walk with Karen GaffneyOur mission is simple to demonstrate to society the positive impacts of Down syndrome with various forms of media, parent support groups, parent counseling, provision of resources, community outreach, and with the education and training of parents and professionals.

Our vision is to see a changed society that is educated, aware and appreciates the positive differences that people with Down syndrome can bring. We envision that the inclusion of all people with Down syndrome would occur equally within every aspect of daily life from classrooms, to sports, to driving, to jobs, to marriage. We hope that you will develop a heart for our vision and want to join us in our mission to further the field for Down syndrome.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime!

National Down Syndrome CoalitionBowling fun at Rocklin AMF Lanes, 2006.

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