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National Down Syndrome Coalition

Our mission is simple to demonstrate to society the positive impacts of Down syndrome with various forms of media, parent support groups, parent counseling, provision of resources, community outreach, and with the education and training of parents and professionals.

Our vision is to see a changed society that is educated, aware and appreciates the positive differences that people with Down syndrome can bring. We envision that the inclusion of all people with Down syndrome would occur equally within every aspect of daily life from classrooms, to sports, to driving, to jobs, to marriage. We hope that you will develop a heart for our vision and want to join us in our mission to further the field for Down syndrome.

The NDSCoalition aims to create opportunities for children with Down syndrome to shine! Down syndrome touches the lives of many of us today. Families are impacted in every county and that is why the NDSCoalition is making local efforts to reach out to those families affected by Down syndrome in Sacramento, Placer and the surrounding counties. The National Down Syndrome Coalition is a not-for-profit corporation designed to educate the public and provide charitable resources to families touched by Down syndrome through:


The Learning Program™


New Parent Support


Social Media Outreach


Advocacy Support


Quatery Family Events


Educational Materials Lending Library

The Learning Program™

The heart of the National Down Syndrome Coalition, is The Learning Program™. This program brings research into practice and is designed to supplement traditional education. Despite efforts of some wonderful teachers, traditional education too often fails children with Down syndrome due to poor educational placement, lack of trained assistants and outdated stereotypes. Through this program, we hope to strengthen the educational potential for children with Down syndrome, regardless of their formal educational setting.

Developed by Dana Halle, founder of Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, The Learning Program™ focuses on parents as first-teachers for their children bringing the fruits of research into practice. Knowledgeable parents can work more effectively with their children and give them a jump-start on education. Moreover, the program arms parents to serve as capable advocates for their children in the educational process by attending monthly instructional sessions.

Eyes open when a child with Down syndrome enters kindergarten able to read. Dana HalleDana Halle
Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Dr. Seuss

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